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Nataly Goncharova-Kantor was born in 1966 in Kharkov, Ukraine. She began to draw from little up, and since the age of 4 participated in international competitions of children’s drawing. In 1985 she graduated from the Kharkov State College of Art, Department of Painting and Education.

From 1986, after moving to Odessa, she started to participate in art exhibitions, and became a member of the avant-garde Association of Creative Artists.

In 1992 she moved to Israel. Nataly lives and works in Jerusalem.

Nataly Goncharova’s artworks are held in private collections in France, Germany, Poland, Holland, Austria, Russia, Israel, Canada, and the USA.

Solo Exhibitions:

1988 – Gallery «South», Odessa, Ukraine 1995-1996 – Gallery of St. George College, Jerusalem, Israel 1998 – Gallery of Jewish Art, Berlin, Germany.

2004 – «Te’ena» Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel 2010 – Municipal Kunstverein gallery, Heidelberg, Germany 2013 – Alexander’s Court, Jerusalem, Israel 2018 – «Biblical Zoo». Harmonia Cultural Center, Jerusalem, Israel.

Group Exhibitions: 1986-1992:

• Exhibitions of the «Creative Association of Artists», Odessa, Ukraine

• The Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odessa, Ukraine

• The Art Museum at Korolenko Street, Odessa, Ukraine

• Traveling group exhibit of the «South» group in Ukraine, Russia, France.

• «National Youth Exhibition» in Kiev, Ukraine

2006 – Jerusalem House of Quality, Israel 2007 – Jerusalem House of Quality, Israel 2009 – The Art Center, Ashdod, Israel 2009 – Bonn, Germany.

2009 – Amsterdam, Holland

2015 – Gallery «Skizze», Jerusalem, Israel

2015 – «Memory Space», «Skizze» Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

2016 – International Watercolor Exposition, Jerusalem, Israel

2016 – «Santa Fe» Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2016 – The International Graphics’ Biennale, Jerusalem, Israel

2017 – «Landscape Rhythms», «Tree Life», «Skizze» Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

2018 – «Dream», «Skizze» Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

2018 – «Not Everything Is Gold», The Ceramics Gallery, Qiryat Tiv’on (Exhibition curator: Ilan Beck)



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